The Wicked Side of Witchcraft Magic Spells, Voodoo, Curses and Hexes, Herbs and Potions. Cast easy Easy Love Spells,
Curses, Money spells, death spells and Revenge Spells. Use this ancient book of shadows for your hearts desire.

The World's Most Wicked Book of Shadows Filled with Magick
The Ancient Book Of Love Spells,
Hexes, Voodoo and Evil Curses

by The Black Arts Witch Of Africa, Shozola DoraStar

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"This Ancient Book Of Shadows is not for the idly curious. The knowledge here revealed has been forbidden through the centuries, and has caused great suffering and even death to thousands accused of being witches and warlocks... even to their punishing victims. You have been warned!"
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What is your mind's desire?
Ancient Spells For Money and Fortune?
Curses To make a man think he is a donkey?
To Place A Curse On Your Enemy?
Spells To obtain the love of your hearts desire?
Spells To Bring Back Your Former Lover?
Wicked Hexes For Your Foes?

This 42 page handbook gives methods and ingredients for Black Magic practice. It is intended for an experienced witch. Among all are instructions and recipes for doing harm to enemies and working evil. I should hope that no one reading this handbook would want to perform them, but they are an important part of the portrait of the human imagination that emerges from any inclusive account of magic lore. Inventors of magic have imagined the beautiful as well as the grotesque -sometimes both together. And many of their spells, however seriously conceived, will strike the modern reader in comical.
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This book only deals with magic and spells, witchcraft spells, voodoo spells, mystical talisman, magic charms, love spells, money spells for all purposes also voodoo dolls, voodoo spells and black magic for everything related to new age and occult. Everyone is welcome to explore the dark side of this magical spiritual world...

We invite you to explore the world of the Black Arts. Through this portal you will discover unknown worlds. Open yourself and explore the world of White magic and Black Magic! This book is a powerful tool of the ancient craft. The practices of this booklet contains many ancient spells from around the world. Love spells, Money Spells, Hexes, Voodoo, Curses and more. Witchcraft spells, hexes and voodoo curses are meant to enhance your life and assist you in many situations, some of you may have a serious problem that you feel needs even stronger assistance.

Warning: We take no responsibility as a result of your actions.
Utilize these very powerful spells at your own discretion.

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Ancient Book Of Spells 42 Page Printed Book - On Sale Only $19.95

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